2011-01-22: [Workaround] As noted here latest Skype version has a bug that wrongly reports whether Skype client is running. If you happen to use such version of Skype go to Launchy plugins, select LaunchyToSkype and check "Force Skype client start" checkbox then restart Launchy.

2010-04-25: [New] Added options to turn on or off searches among contacts and conversations.
Vastly improved performance. Now Launchy user interface should not lock during Skype data retrieval.

2010-04-22: [Info] Launchy2Skype now works with Launchy 2.5!

2010-03-17: [New] Now Launchy2Skype searches renamed contacts too

2010-03-09: [Bug] plugin file was missing one dll

2010-03-07: [Info] Initial release to public